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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Purpose of the survey

This report exposes the results of a survey on travel. We want to determinate the vacation practice of many different people. Another goal is to find some different habits between boys’ and girls’ vacations.


A sample of 26 people has been used for this survey. They are almost all students, more than a half. Nevertheless, some teachers, military people and one CEO replied to our investigation. The same number of men and women answered. Less than a sixth (1/6) of the respondents were more than thirty years. The sample was composed of people who lived all around the world. But, the majority comes from Canada (fifteen citizens). After, the second major influence comes from Portugal with five citizens and the rest, so six people, were distributed all over around the globe. The questionnaire has ten questions. One of these was an informative question, to know the respondent’s age, occupation, sex and where they come from. The nine others were multiple-choice questions, but the last question has a place to explain the choice.


In general, more than sixty five percent (65%) of the respondents prefer to go out of their city during the summer. Also, tourism, beach trips and relaxation are activities that the majority wants to do during their vacation. Almost all of the respondents use aircraft, car or bike to travel to their predilection place and those places are most of the time in America and Europe. Usually, about more than seventy five percent (75%) of the respondent’s travel less than fifteen days (15). Moreover, approximately eighty five percent (85%) of the answerers spend two thousand dollars ($2000) maximum for their trip. Finally, our results show that ninety percent (90%) of the people took their vacation with their families, friends or boyfriend/girlfriend. The major difference between the boys’ and girls’ vacation is the type of trip. The girls prefer a vacation to decompress and relax, but also to gain other knowledge. For the boys, it’s only for relaxation and a beach trip. As well, the women took cheaper vacations then the men.


The results demonstrate that the people took vacations to take off from their routine, it demonstrates by the majority of the people who want to do vacations for relaxation, decompress and beach trips. So, taking a vacation is an important thing in the life of anybody. Additionally, the majority prefer to go to industrialised continent. In question seven, we learned that more than seventy five percent (75%) of the people generally took vacations less than fifteen days, so we understood why many people responded that aircraft as first choice of means of transport, it’s the quickest. Also, some people took a car or bike and the majority didn’t want to spend a lot when they are travelling. In the difference between the boys and girls, we think that the girls want to take cheaper vacations than the boys, they open the door to many different options, just like relaxation and beach trips but also tourism. Ultimately, the irrefutable thing, it’s the majority of people want to take vacations with the person’s love; friend, family, boyfriend/girlfriend.


The survey confirms that the majority of people had in general the same thing, to take a break from work or studies at the lower price. Also, it’s why we didn’t have many differences between men’s and women’s responses; it’s only in the procedure of the trip that we can find different issues.

In Annexes: the survey results

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Survey about travel

Click here to answer my survey about Travel.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Montreal a place of discovery

Montreal is the most important city in the province of Quebec. It’s a beautiful city, with a multicultural population. On the top of the Mount Royal mount, there is the St-Joseph’s Oratory, it’s one of the three must important places of prayer in Quebec.

We can visit many interesting points in this city, for example; The Museum of Science, the Olympic Park with the stadium used for the Olympics in 1976, the Botanical Gardens of Montreal; mostly reputed, and the Cosmodome of Laval, it’s a great attraction for the kids.
Another good thing you can do in Montreal, is go to «La Ronde», an amusement park and it’s a member of the family of Six Flag. «Le Monstre» is the highest double wooden roller coaster in the world.

To sum up, we can’t describe all of Montreal but, if you want to learn more about this city, come here. We have many things to do and to see in Montreal.